4 Common Blind Spots for High Achievers

Are you the kind of person who is always at the top of your game? Always pushing for the next mountain to claim or goal to achieve? In a culture that is always striving for progress, the first question after you pass a big milestone usually isn’t how did you do it or how are you going to celebrate? It’s, what are you going to do next?

Hi, I’m Holly Grupe, owner and a therapist at Balanced Growth Therapy, and in my work with high-achiving women, I see four common blind spots that, if not addressed, can lead to burn out, numbness, and loss of self-meaning and purpose. 

We aren’t designed to be always doing. Our performance centered culture sets us up for burnout and makes it impossible for high achievers to ever feel like they’ve ever reached their goals. Here are some common traps that high performers often face and small tweaks that can help you actually start to feel your successes. 

1. The first common blind spot high achieving women often have is not creating space to intentionally slow down. 

Always asking what’s next keeps you moving forward, but if you never assess your direction you might not end up where you meant to. If we never slow down to get our bearings and look at a map, how can we expect to get where we’re wanting to go? Doing more often feels like the only option for performing at a high level. However, slowing down is necessary to achieving your goals, because by slowing down you can use your energy wisely, then grow sustainably. (link blog on slowing down to launch your career)

2. The second common blind spot high for achieving women is losing sight of your “why.”

High achievers are good at putting in the hard work to accomplish their next objective. They know how to delay gratification and sustain their immediate desires for their next big goal. This is a great skill…until it’s not. 

When you’re always doing what you’re “supposed to” it can be challenging to remember why you’re doing it. 

Many women that I work with, however, haven’t defined their “why.” They accomplish so many amazing things but are left feeling unsatisfied and dissalustioned.. 

So, keeping your why at the front of your mind helps keep you sustainably motivated.  And, if you need help discoverying your “why” reach out and schedule an appointment with me. 

4. The fourth common blind spot high for achieving women is forgetting to celebrate 

Forgetting to celebrate creates fatigue, burnout and utter exhaustion. You can’t keep accomplishing if you never stop to recharge. When you climb the top of a mountain, your instinct is to turn around and see how far you’ve come, see the view from the top.

But in our personal mountains, we climb to the top only to look up to see what the next mountain in front of us is. When you achieve your next step, goal, achievement. STOP. TURN AROUND. SEE HOW FAR YOU’VE ClLIMBED. Let that fill you with amazement and applaud the steps that it took to get there. Take in the view. Celebrate all you’ve done.

If you found this information helpful and feel you are ready to accept some help and stop feeling so burned out. Click the button below to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, and start confidently living a life you enjoy!

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