4 Ways To Know If You’re Burned Out

What does it mean to be burned out? What does it actually feel like and how are you supposed to know if you’re in it? 

Hi, I’m Holly Grupe, owner and a therapist at Balanced Growth Therapy, where we help anxious, depressed, and burned out women confidently live a life they love.

So, here are four ways to know if you’re burned out:

1. Feeling Lost

If you’re feeling like you don’t have any idea what to do next, how to prioritize your needs and function at the capacity you’re used to, that can be a good indicator that you’re burnt out. Feeling lost often means you’ve lost a connection to experiencing your life and are defaulting into what you think you “should” be doing or just trying to keep up with what everyone around you is doing.

2. Decision making is more difficult

When you’re experiencing burnout things start to jumble together, and it’s hard to keep multiple factors in mind at once. This signals that you’re on overload. It’s okay to outsource some decision making to friends and family, but when you start to feel paralyzed on what to do without someone else’s input it makes it nearly impossible to feel like an active participant in your own life.

3. Being exhausted 

We aren’t always going to show up the same every day. Some days we’re more focused and have more energy and some days we are more distracted, but if you’re noticing that you’re consistently sluggish and run down, it could be a sign of burnout.

Constantly being in the to-dos of life is exhausting. Without a way to really mentally recharge it’s very challenging to move back into a more energized state.

4. Numbing out

One of the most challenging parts of burnout is feeling numbed out to yourself, friends, family and the world around you. This disconnection makes it hard to care sometimes.

If you’ve ever lived next to a train or freeway, eventually you stop noticing the noise. You’re constantly bombarded with heartbreaking news at a global level, numbing out is a way of managing the overload.

Burnout is your system’s way of turning on your warning lights and letting you know something has got to change. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, check out 3 Ways High Performing Women Can Manage Burnout.

If you found this information helpful and feel you are ready to accept some help concerning possible burnout,  click the button below to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, and manage your burnout so you can confidently live a life you love.

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