3 Things You NEED To Do To Reach Your Dream Career

Whether you’re still in school, just starting your career, or have been in your field for 20 years, many women get overwhelmed with all of their responsibilities. Often, we tend to forget the reasons why we wanted to do these things in the first place.  

Don’t make the mistake of so many people who rush into starting their career or chronically want to change career paths.  This can (and typically does) cause stress, burnout, and a sense of feeling stuck with where you are in your career, with your friends and family, and your life in general. 

Here are 3 things you need to do to reach your dream career:


1. Slowing Down

This is the first step to gather yourself, look around, and really figure out where you are so you can decide the next right step forward. 

Ways to slow down: 

      • Limit or track social media time. The more time you spend looking at other peoples lives, the less you’re aware of your own life.
      • Create a daily mindfulness practice. Spend 10-15 mins everyday doing something mindfully like going for a walk without music or a podcast, stream of consciousness journaling, or sitting quietly without any media.
      • Hold off on asking for feedback. Get to know your opinion on a topic or decision before talking to your friends and family about it.


    2. Preserving Your Energy 

    This means looking for the areas of your life where you’re being drained. If you’re ready for change and to have the career you really want, you also need to be ready to release things that aren’t supporting the change.

    Ways to preserve energy:

        • Set boundaries with your time and commitments. Setting a schedule makes it clear when you’re dedicating time to a relationship or activity. The real trick is sticking to the limits. Use your phone intentionally for alarms and reminders to keep you on track. 
        • Start saying no to things. The more you protect your yeses the more on track you’ll be with spending your energy wisely. This might also mean letting people down. (If this is hard for you, check my blog on setting boundaries
        • Rest and fuel your body. Treating your body kindly by drinking water, eating a balanced diet, getting enough rest and movement are essential to keeping your energy levels up. 


    3. Clear & Conscious Decision Making 

    This means you need to identify what factors are guiding your life choices.

    Ways to make conscious decisions:

        • Identify how you will feel in your career. When you identify how you want to feel in your career your clarity on identifying the next right steps naturally increases. (Check out the “15 Signs of Burnout in Women” PDF linked below to help identify how you want to feel.)
        • Name your top values. By labeling your values your ability to make decisions becomes more well defined. 

    By following these tips and tricks you’ll spend less time wishing you were in your dream career and more time knowing you’re on track to having the career you’ve always wanted. 


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